Large 2000 People or Small 1- 2 Person Networks

SC Computer has 25 years of installation experience, we understands the fundamentals on why you wish to use a computer in the first place. Understanding the direction our customers wish to go, as we act as their personal IT group, solving problems from desktop, servers, software, to internet communications.
Business owners, who wish to use technology in a professional manner, use us instead of having to outsource each responsibility to different companys.
We have the knowledge base to do it all.

There are many vairables to consider when installing a network.
1) How much do I need to spend on a server, do I need a server?
2) Does my facility have sufficient power to support a network?
3) Do I want my employees to have full access while working?
4) Cat 5 or 6E wire connections, or wireless to the workstations?
5) What is the best software needed to run the business ?
6) Will there be someone I can depend on when failures occure?
7) Can support be here Friday morning when payroll breaks?

How Fast can you go?

In today's technology every time a communication company wants to promote their selves they offer a bit more speed and performance than their competition. This is more frequent as they tap their resources. SC Computer takes advantage of cost over speed, using the same network that pushes the data for major weather network information systems. We can offer top level high speed communications to our customers connecting you to the central network hubs instead of routing your information on antiquated sub network channels. We also have onsite ability to host your information at our site and connecting your business remotely to your information with VPN technology, or connect many locations to one central area.
For an example: we host part of the stock market investment forums, Publishing Companies, Rental facilities, Restaurants, including live databases, and postal services.


In shop repair services $50.00 per hour.
On site services $75.00 per hour - Sussex area.
On site services $100.00 per hour - Out of Sussex area.
Professional services $150.00 per hour - Complex network recoveries ASAP.
Cat 5 /6 cable install 1 - 5 drops $125 per drop includes wall mounts.
Cat 5 /6 cable install 10 - 25 drops $75 per drop includes wall mounts.
Cat 5 /6 cable install over 25 drops - subcontracted to an Electrician.

The purchase of software's is controlled by their designers.

Microsoft products are based upon partner channels we acquired.
Enterprise server.
Small Business Server
Server Standard
Exchange Server
Web Server
CRM Server
Share Point Server
POS Server
SQL Server

Unix / Novell products are per client access
Linux products are per Server Unit
Web Server
POP3 mail / Web mail
FTP Server
PSI - Private Communication Server
Samba Data Server
Off Shore Server??

SCCW Computer Corp Inc.